Club of seven initiative.

Club of seven initiative.

Focused on “the strength of many,“ this is a product that offers anybody an opportunity to own a 1/8 acre land at a way-below the-market price,
We enroll you into a group of Seven Members, facilitate you to buy an acre ,subdivide it into seven 1/8 acre land making each individual a bonafide owner of 1/8 acre.

Members must be of similar interest on a project. We pool members over Kenya and outside Kenya.

Club of seven projects.

Are as a result of developing trends in an area [trend must be
positive with a growth rate of more than 30% in a year], availability of social amenities, low
crime rate, transportation facility, location and productiveness of an area are key to a

Come to us, share with us your vision as well as you Financial status. We help you join others
who are at your level of investment and then help you as a team to identify a clean piece
of land. We support you with logistics and conveyance.
Example projects undertaken.
Olkalau Nyandarua county project 400 meters from tarmac at only 430,000KSH market price

Rumuruti project Laikipia county 60,000KSH market price

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