How to choose a location for your home!

Nothing is likely to affect costs quite like the location you’re hoping to build in.
Once you’ve settled on the idea that you’re going to build a house, the first step is to decide where you’re going to put it. Choosing the right spot’s a pretty big deal, for a few reasons.

It’s a very tired cliché, but real estate agents are absolutely right when they say the three most important aspects of a home are:

1. Location
2. Location, and
3. Location

What to look for

Building is never cheap – and for that reason it’s easy to tie yourself in knots thinking about what your house is likely to be worth in a few years. If you’re going to be building a home for your family to live in for the foreseeable future though, pinning down a precise resale value really shouldn’t be your first concern.

If you’re building a home to live in, you should set your sights firmly on finding a location that’s:

a) comfortable
b) convenient
c) safe, and
d) within your budget

Today we bring you commercial developments that we are selling:
1. Bustani Prestige located in Mawanga Nakuru,
2. Bustani shades located in Mairo Sita Nakuru and
3. Miale Nations located in Mawanga Nakuru
Savi Empire PLC is a Real Estate Company based in Kenya. Creating Investment Empire through Society empowerment, Job creation and Investment Opportunity. Savi Empire PLC is ensuring that appropriate land space is utilized for the benefit of Kenyans for residential to attain a lifestyle living & commercial for generating income.
ON SALE PROPERTIES are of exquisite design, incorporates natural lighting & ventilation along with aesthetics that gives a good comfortable lifestyle feel ensuring tenants stay long. These specific properties are on high demand as we have well researched on the right market demand.
Our selling price agrees to all terms of investment, as they will pay investment between 8 and 10 years.
Each of this property is 9 million shillings negotiable. Their income is 66,000 KSH lowest and 72,000 KSH.
Are under high residential areas
 Consist of bedsitters and one bedrooms
 High quality tiles.
 American plan modern kitchen with cabinets
 Ample parking space.
 Septic tanks and cock pit
 Continuers water supply connections city council & bore well.
 And more silent features
NOW CONTACT: 0706151449

WHY invest in Nakuru county 

Nakuru county is one of East Africa fastest growing town, soon to be a city.
Average rental yield of 6.1% and Capital appreciation of 8.8% hence a total return of 14.9% makes it’s rental yielding Properties the most sort after.
Today is enlightening you of the Right idea at the right time.
Where we have developed rental properties to fine taste and meeting market demand with clean documents.
Yours is just to come view the varieties, choose one, pay and there get tenants deposit and start enjoying the yields.
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