The best investment on earth is earth.’’ so the saying goes. Savi EMPIRE ,being a key
player in real estate industry, ensures investment in prime locations. Our main objective is
creating well planned modern estates to satisfy the needs of various target groups.
We do our homework thoroughly, ensuring any property we are involved with is clean, and
got clean title deeds in order to protect the wealth of our clients.

SAVI EMPIRE real estate Products

Focused on “the strength of many,“ this is a product that offers anybody opportunity to own a 1/8 acre land at a way-below the-market price, We enrol you into a group of Seven Members, facilitate you to buy an acre , subdivide it into seven 1/8 acre land making each individual a bonafide owner of 1/8 acre . CLUB of SEVEN OPERATES ; In the basis of “Together we make it” we join seven
interested members to contribute the cost of one acre divide by seven in Kenya. {NB: ACRE LAND CAN ONLY RESULT TO SEVEN 1/8 ACRES} Members must have similar interest on a project. We bring members together within and outside Kenya . Club of seven projects. Are as a result of developing trends in an area
[trend must be positive with a growth rate of more than 30% in a year], availability of social amenities, low crime rate, transport facilities, location and productiveness of an area are key to a project. Club of seven is the vehicle for you if you can’t afford buying in acres

How we do it:

Come to us: Share with us your vision as well as you financial status. We help you join
others who are at your level of investment and then help you as a team to identify a clean
piece of land. We support you with logistics and conveyance.


Following an extensive research, we found that indigenous landowners do not develop an area as newcomers .The challenge that only the rich can own land and the issue of urban planning ,in mind our customer would not only like to buy land rather an improved property with a foreseeable future. Growth of Savi Empire limited embark on journey to solve these issues. We innovated the club of seven initiative, which accommodates people from all occupations, solving the issue that only the rich can own land. At this point a new challenge arose, finance. Opening people to opportunity makes them ambitious to support their ambition to fruition requires a backup plan for them.
The finance department was born out of this, which we seek to realize fully by year 2020. Having created demand for land requires us to supply land equal to demand. For customers who already own land club of seven initiative will not satisfy their need for investment these results to our product
EAGLE INVESTORS CHALLENGE a product for the big dreamers. They own land in acres which we then subdivide creating a supply to club of seven initiative. As explained, this is an investment platform that boosts investor’s growth in real estate industry. Having achieved this, one more has been remaining solving the issue of planning and managing development in this fast growing population and urbanization. These tasks are not only for the government of the day, as many free hold title deeds government has less control. Kenyans don’t follow to the zoning and building codes of an area, more so follow up by relevant authorities have close to no fruits promoting us to chip in ,it’s our responsibility to leave Kenya a better country than our fore fathers give us. Having kept this commitment God revealed to us a project we are committed to the core to see its full realization; THE KAREN ORCHARDS .Back in 2017, November we conceptualized this vision of Karen orchards. As explained above, Savi EMPIRE now in the journey to achieve it.
A platform to achieve this has been a necessity. Starting from a single room office with no formal registration we have now grown to a registered investment company with palatial offices, and more than one employee’s .A platform is now grinding its wheels towards the destiny. SAVI EMPIRE LIMITED is the
platform. Its presence touches from bottom of the hierarchy to the top having served by now over 2,000 clients including clients purchasing direct from U.S.A, UNITED ARABS EMIRATES, GERMANY AND CANADA, with presence in Nakuru, Nairobi, Nanyuki, and Nyeri and not limited to more areas.

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